No Sign Up Fees-Ever!  Members have 24/7 access to the facility. Non-members, please call or text Julie for entry at 502-930-0365, email

Annual Membership (12 Month Contract)
Single (EFT* Contract)$47.70 / Month
12 Month Agreement
Couple (Same EFT Account)$47.70 / Month for First Person
$42.40 / Month for Each Additional Person
*EFT contracts are a 12 month agreement, thereafter renewing on a month to month basis and cancelled with a written 30 day notice by the customer. This payment draws directly off your checking account. Prices are inclusive of 6% KY sales tax.
30 Day Monthly Options - No EFT Contract
Single$68.90 Cash or Credit Card Only
Couple$116.60 Cash or Credit Card Only
Personal Training
Personal Trainers set their own prices. One hour sessions generally range from $60-$75.
Personal training sessions require a 24 hour cancellation notice.